Agile Portugal 2016

Ana Cavaleiro

Ana Cavaleiro is a software tester at Farfetch. She graduated from University of Porto, with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics, a master’s degree in Applied Statistics and a short master in Business Intelligence. She worked in the health and banking sectors and has now been working in IT for five years. With almost one and half year of experience in the Agile world, Ana is FACP and CSPO certified, focusing on personal improvement and motivation of the teams she works with. She is passionate about learning and self-development!

Talk: How to improve regression testing effectiveness?

Regression testing represents an important part of the overall test effort on each application release. Why? Firstly, because with effectiveness we can reduce the risk of bugs in each release and have the opportunity to select the right tests to execute in a narrow time frame dedicated to regression testing. And secondly, because it is important to be responsive to business needs with faster and smaller releases.