Agile Portugal 2016

Bruno Teixeira

Like you, Agility thinker and Collective Learning expert Bruno Teixeira, has seen numerous Agility efforts over the years and every time questions emerge. Why do we need Agility? How do we measure and manage it? Is Agility an individual or collective effort? Why do we have to choose between people and processes? Where do culture fits in?

With over 15 years of coaching, team leading and in the trenches business experience, Bruno’s view on Agility is unique and different because of its strong bases on Collective Intelligence awareness, Servant Leadership philosophy and Inspirational communication. Quoting Bruno, “Leadership is not an exercise of neutrality.” and “(Agile) Coaching is Coding into people’s soul.”.

Bruno played a wide range of roles from Business analyst @Accenture and Project Manager @Curves to Team Leader, Scrum Master and Agile Coach @Farfetch. Bruno also have been dedicating his time into Agile and Scrum community development by co-founding and for that purpose.

Talk: HyP – A journey to greater efficiency

HyP stands for the journey of Farfetch’s FrontEnd teams to find different ways of work, by applying on the field, Jeff Sutherland’s hyperprodutivity pattern for highly efficient teams.