Agile Portugal 2016

Cristiano Cunha

Cristiano Cunha is the lead tester for the automation area in Farfetch, he is passionate about testing, automation and the delivery process improvement.

He has started his career as a developer and evolved to tester, having now more than 7 years of experience in this area.

His career path in both sides of the trenches provides him with a unique view over the process and its challenges.

Having worked in startups and in multinational corporations, he closely followed the delivery process evolution and its challenges and the growing importance of test automation in this process.

Talk: Continuous automation

Share the journey of a fast growing ecommerce company from the agile practices to the process of continuous delivery (CD). What it takes, from testers perspective, to aim to continuous delivery, the challenges, lessons learned and solutions applied during the journey.

Why we cannot make it alone, the team spirit and the culture needed to achieve the CD goal, and how testers can help in the process.

Reasons why we choose to go down this path and major advantages of using it.

Why continuous automation then? Well come and see this presentation and I will tell you…