Agile Portugal 2016

Diogo Guerra

Diogo is VP of Engineering at Feedzai heading the product development team made up of agile developers and engineers at Feedzai, ensuring flawless release of product platforms and customer-driven design innovation. He specializes in high performance, low latency real-time platforms. Prior to Feedzai, Diogo worked on the Business Intelligence Reporting Framework for the European Space Agency and conducted research on Complex Event Processing systems for Oracle. Diogo holds a Master of Science degree in Software Engineering.

Talk: How agile supports Feedzai’s growth

Feedzai has grown from around 30 to 100 people in a year. This kind of growth always presents some challenges. How to keep the traits that brought us here, without forgetting that a company of 30 people is not the same as one with 100?

We intend to discuss both generic and concrete topics, such as:

  • The importance of culture as a pillar that sustains the whole structure
  • How agile helps the teams to keep their productivity while growing at a fast pace
  • How to succeed with remote teams: myths, practical solutions
  • How to ensure that knowledge and information spreads across the whole department
  • Medium/long-term milestone management with agile
  • Metrics we use to track our progress

Learn how Feedzai’s agile culture supported its engineering team to grow from one to six fully distributed teams. We’ll delve into the roadblocks we faced, the results we achieved and the work we still have to do going forward.