Agile Portugal 2016

João Brandão

João Brandão currently works at Critical Manufacturing as a Scrum Master in the Product Development Area. João graduated from Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto with a degree in Computer Sciences. Since then he has gained invaluable experience over 17 years in software development playing a variety of roles from software developer to manager.
He is a certified SCRUM master and works with Agile methodologies since 2009. Very enthusiastic when it comes to SCRUM, he strongly promotes its usage within his company.

Talk: Agile – a journey, not a destination

(2.5 million lines of code + 51.000 man hours ) * Complexity = AGILE

This is the story of how we’ve managed to successfully Plan and Deliver highly complex MES software solution through Agile having fun along the way.

Ours might not be the best way; it simply works for us. It may work for you too!