Agile Portugal 2016

Lourenço Antunes

Lourenço Antunes is currently head of the Product Development at PRIMAVERA. In this role, he has had the opportunity to develop teams and people in various challenges and products. In the design and development of these products, innovation is a main driver, and the adoption of Agile methods happened as a natural evolution a few years ago.

After his degree in computer sciences at the University of Minho, he completed an Executive MBA at the University of Porto in 2008. Almost all of his career has been in consultancy and R&D in the field of ERP’s, starting from logistics and financial areas.

In recent years, he has been working on team management evolution, product innovation initiatives and also in a product architecture using a design patterns oriented approach to the design of business concepts. He has been also working in the development of products as cloud services or using third parties’s cloud services. In all of these challenges, building an Agile culture has been useful and empowering for all.

Panel: Agile adoption in Portugal

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