Agile Portugal 2016

Pedro Castro Henriques

Pedro Castro Henriques has strong experience in process improvement and the implementation and certification of quality in the software development and services world. He currently serves as a software engineering consultant and has worked globally throughout Europe, Africa, and North America in process and organizational improvement. Pedro has over 17 years of consulting experience, including roles as an executive, board member, and telecom/information systems strategic planner in the healthcare sector.

Talk: Agile gamification in an enterprise SaaS

The use of project management tools based on Agile methodologies of software development brings benefits to the project members, but for a correct use of these tools, the development team are often forced to interrupt their workflow.

The goal of this presentation is to present how we are encouraging a more frequent, intensive and FUN use by the users.

To do this there were several questions that were taken in account:

  • What’s the most suitable combination of game elements?
  • How to avoid the hazards associated to gamification?
  • How to ensure the proposed values of the manifesto to agile software development?