Agile Portugal 2016

Rona Steinrücken

Rona is an Agile Coach who lives for continuous improvement. She was introduced to Agile methodologies and the Agile community a couple of years ago and was instantly struck with passion on the subject.

She loves to wrap her mind around coaching teams in striving for continuous improvement and finding new contexts that benefit from the application of agile principles; anything from wedding planning to onboarding of new team members. She firmly believes that new experiences and experiments enhance the overall development of both individuals and teams.

Talk: Onboarding with Scrum

This talk focuses on how we used Agile principles and practices to aid us in onboarding. We will provide the very practical steps we used to get us going and keep us on the right track from day one. If you want to improve how your organisation hires, onboards, and trains people then this is the talk for you.