Agile Portugal 2016

Talk: Scaling agile through social movements

“Doing agile” has become the norm, and the issue we all face is with propagating the agile mindset from local teams to other aspects of the business. In doing so, we revert to using the same old patterns of transformation and end up hitting the same obstacles as when we were introducing agile. What is needed is a better way help organizations move to a more agile way of working. This talk will dissect the elements of social movements, so you can exploit tribal mentality to scale agile. We will look at ways to support cultural emergence, and the unconscious actions that tend to deter it, all in the hope to incorporate new tools to help us better manage transformation.

This talk is based on the concepts portrayed by Jason Little in the book “Lean Change Management”, and in related ideas to that topic. I am a certified Lean Change Agent (the certification on the Lean Change method) and will review the key foundation concepts in the time allotted. You can read more about the Lean Change Management concept at, or in the book published under Happy Melly.