Agile Portugal 2016


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Platinum Sponsor

CELFINET is a privately held Portuguese company profoundly committed into excellency, technological research, knowledge-sharing and sustainable growth. It is also a global provider of telecom engineering solutions. With an experienced and highly motivated team of 250 engineers, and offices in four different continents, we have assisted dozens of telecom operators bringing the performance of their networks to the highest levels. Our solutions comprise network planning and optimisation services, technical training and proprietary software.

In a fast paced and demanding mobile communications industry, the need to Agile has always been in CELFINET’s core values, focusing on customer needs and high value delivery.

Gold Sponsors

Farfetch is an innovative and revolutionary e-commerce company that brings the world’s best independent fashion boutiques to an international audience.
Launched in 2008, Farfetch has rapidly grown into a truly global company and we’re continuing to grow! We now have offices full of talented people in London, New York, Los Angeles, Porto and São Paulo.
We believe our people is what drives our success, as well as making Farfetch a fun and inspirational place to work. Join us on our journey in turning this young company into a leading global player.

Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP) is a trademark of engineering education and innovation. Since 1852, we have been pioneering the training and specialization of engineers with a strong creative and entrepreneurial mind-set.
Academic community combines ambitious and dynamic people, who believe in the potential of innovation and technology to promote a sustainable development. Over 6500 students and 500 staff motivated by the promise that engineering moves the world and create opportunities.
Students benefit from an excellent learning environment, a prestigious faculty and quality infrastructures. By exploring EUR-ACE and CDIO international best practices, we are creating opportunities for students to connect to the real-world and develop academic projects with companies and research groups.

PRIMAVERA Business Software Solutions is a software company specialized in the development of management solutions and platforms for business process integration. It is present in Portugal, Spain, Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde, positioning itself as a partner and supplier of excellence and providing technological solutions aimed at helping the current 40 thousand customers to manage their businesses.

The Void Company

VOID is a privately held software development company established in 2006 in Portugal. It has been providing custom-built solutions in a evergrowing mix of technologies, under an agile approach that focuses on tailoring products to the clients individual needs and privileging the users’ emotional experience.

Catering for customers in multiple locations, VOID has brought added value through a team of experienced and passionate programmers, setup into multidisciplinary groups dedicated to UI/UX, Backend and Quality Assurance. Its developments range from financial services for large public entities to media management systems. Cloud services, SaaS, custom-built hardware, web and mobile applications are also on its portfolio.

VOID is located in Portugal, France and the US. It has the ambition to foster the fast growth that it has experienced in the last years, with the goal of continuing to exceed its client’s expectations. Furthermore, VOID is committed to ensure its continued sustainable growth, being faithful to the agile principles that have always been the hallmark of its way of working.

Silver Sponsors


BIT is the Information Systems area of Sonae. A group of people who live for the business and technology breakthroughs, creating fast, cohesive management and decision tools for all Sonae group. Adopting Agile best practices and principles, BIT has enabled faster time-to-market and the ability to quickly respond to the unpredictable everyday challenges in retail.

Equal Experts is a diverse network of talented, experienced software consultants, specialising in agile delivery. Our people typically have at least 10 years’ experience in delivering valuable, working software – and together, we’ve created it for an enormous range of public and private sector clients.

Critical Manufacturing provides manufacturers of complex, high tech discrete products, a manufacturing execution and intelligence system that empower organizations to achieve their goals. Our state-of-the-art products and services enable organizations to drive down cost, flexibly meet market demands, and ultimately achieve greater agility, visibility and reliability. Part of that commitment is providing our customers with a quick response to the challenges they bring to our door. To be able to do so, we’ve embraced Agile methodologies for our organization and our development process since the foundation of the company in 2009.

Bronze Sponsors