Agile Portugal 2016

Sponsorship program

Agile Portugal stats and complete sponsorship plans can be downloaded here. We’re agile, so drop us an email at if you wish to propose other forms/plans of sponsorship.

Why should you sponsor?

Increase the awareness of your company brand

There are plenty of options to show your brand and share what you do. With an average growth of 20% of attendants related with software development, Agile Portugal is the ideal place for that.

Get involved in the agile community

Be part of the change. By supporting the Agile Portugal event you’re showing a clear message that your company is ahead in terms of change and innovation.

Learn from the experts and practitioners

This conference is a superb background for discussion and networking with other “agilists”, bringing together leaders, practitioners, and trainers from all over the world.

Sponsorship plans

Benefits Platinum* Gold Silver Bronze Friend/Partner
Booth space in conference area Y
2 min video during conference Y
Roll-up in main conference room Y Y
Item in participant kit Y Y Y
Company logo on lanyards Y
Company logo on badge Y Y Y
Logo size on the event website Big Big Medium Small Small
Company description on the event website Y Y Y
Recognition as a sponsor in social media Y Y Y Y Y
Tickets included 8 double workshop 5 double workshop 3 double workshop 1 double workshop + 3 double talk 2 double talk
Price (in EUR) 3800 2300 1400 600 120

* one spot available
Booth space in conference area can be rented by any sponsor with an extra cost of 200 EUR.
Complete info on Agile Portugal stats and sponsorship plans can be downloaded here.