Agile Portugal 2016


Registrations online are now closed, but you can still register on site!

Ticket Types Early Bird 1
Regular2 On Site
Talk 3
1 full day of talks
25 35 50
Double talk
2 full days of talks
40 60 80
Workshop 3
2 full days of talks + 1 workshop of your choice
250 350 500
Double Workshop 3
2 full day of talks + 2 workshops of your choice
400 600 800

1 Limited number of tickets available until April 17th.

2 Available until May 31st.

3 You’ll be contacted after in order to select the preferred day and/or workshop(s)

Prices are in euros.

What’s included?

Payment Options

Credit Card

By clicking the “Book now!” button below you’ll be redirected to our ticketing system where you are given the online payment option, which you should choose to pay by credit card. If you only have a debit card, MBNet allows you to easily create a virtual and temporary credit card to make your payment.

Bank Transfer

Alternatively, you can choose the offline payment option to be able to pay by bank transfer. You’ll be given instructions on how to proceed when submitting the tickets order. However, we encourage you to use the online (PayPal through credit card) payment method instead, as bank transfer payments take longer to process.

Cancellation and refunding

All purchases of tickets for conference and workshops will be refunded until May 31st 2016. After that the tickets are non-refundable in their entirety.

Dinner on the 3rd of June will be paid separately. It includes several specialties of the Portuguese cuisine, and will conclude with the serving of a great Port wine.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.